Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The honour and joy of servanthood

It is a privilege to be at a place where we can serve people, meet needs in their lives and help to resource them to be their best and fulfil their purpose here on the earth. The heart and life of servanthood is a superior way of life; it is more rewarding than any other thing. True servanthood is rare in our generation. The emphasis among believers today is more on what we can get from God or what He can empower us to achieve for ourselves than on what we can give out to be a blessing. This is reflected in our manner of prayers, in the motive behind the offerings or tithes that we give to God. The God kind of love is what can motivate a person to live a selfless life, seek for the best in people, commit to serve people and give of their best and not for what they can gain from it. Service that is motivated by the love of God can bring the dead back to life, it transforms people, gives life to a community and it reflects the nature and character of God. The life of service motivated by the love of God does not compete to be better than its neighbour; instead, it paves the way for its neighbour to rise to success. Be available today! MB

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