Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Beware of Vision Stealers!

Beware of Vision Stealers! Vision stealers are those people who do not give regard to what you believe about yourself. They are the people who want to do everything to make you feel less, helpless and undeserving and, they want to put out your fire. They believe your dream and passion are all folly. To reach your destiny, you need to Keep away from vision stealers, for if you stick with them, they will eventually wear you out. Keep away from all those who have no respect for your dreams and aspirations, if you stay with them, they will kill your fire and your enthusiasm. Do not make a companion of anybody who is confessing negative things about what you are doing, who despises what you believe God is making out of you, and who always has a dozen and one reasons why what you are doing will not succeed. Whoever does not believe in you and your dream has not right to access your heart.

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