Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcome to 2011: The year of ABUNDANT GRACE AND INCREASE

Happy New Year!


May the grace of God be so lavish in your life and cause you to increase.

2011 in going to be an interesting year and REALLY LOADED, it will be eventful; a lot of things will unfold within 2011:

1. In 2011 there will be peace for them that trust God, but for others it will be a year of confusion and fear.

2. If you are lukewarm and compromising 2011 is time to get back on fire for God. God will be rewarding faithfulness.

3. You will find help where you don’t deserve or expect it. People who naturally would kill you will fight for you in 2011.

4. I see “nobodies” being lifted and coming into the limelight. God will be promoting people whom men say are nobodies.

5. I hear “Comfort Ye My People”, it will be somebody’s best year ever. From as far back as you can remember this will be the best year yet.

6. Life may continue to be harder and tougher, but in the midst of the challenges God will give abundant grace and make room and some people will still be increasing.

7. There will be many loses but in the midst of them, many will gain new grounds. Many people will raise to a new height.

This is your year. 2011 is another year of new beginnings, a start of the journey to a new height. The devil can not keep you stagnant, the devil cannot keep you down; you will break through to a new height.

My prayer for you is that when the clock strikes 12 on the 31st December 2011 you will be alive and kicking and celebrating in a watchnight service. The devil can’t kill you, the devil can’t kill your loved ones.

May you in 2011 march through this land, recover lost time and regain ground. In this one season, may you overtake and become what you were meant to become over many seasons.

God Bless You.