Saturday, 28 August 2010


Text: 1Cointhians 13: 1 - 3, 13

The more excellent way is the way of love. Love is superior to the manifestations of supernatural powers. As fantastic as all the gifts of the spirit are, and we know that God desires for us to walk in them so we can be a blessing to people, however love is superior and more important than they are. We know that the devil can and does imitate the gifts; there are so much of spectacular manifestations out there in the world. Satan can perform them but he can’t walk in love because love is the very essence and nature of God. The Bible says God is love. The pillars that hold the church together and that connect the church to the Lord are faith, hope and love. Faith, hope and love are the core pillars of Christianity, anything that is done outside these will not stand. Faith, hope and love are very important in our relationship with the Lord and in our existence as a Church. However, of the three, the Bible says that love is the more excellent way. In other words, love is superior to faith and hope. Our faith and our hope are anchored by love. God wants our gifts and services to come out of love, love for him first and love for the people he has called us to minister to. The believer is called to be a blessing to all.

The great news is the fact that every born again person can and has the ability to love, for the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. He that cannot love knoweth not God for God is love. God desires that whatever we do should be motivated by love, love is to be the guide to the new creation. Whatever we do that is not born out of love will not receive God’s recognition or blessing. We must be people who love people irrespective of their background, colour, race, sexual orientation and religious affiliation. We are not called to only love the brethren but all human beings. We are not to treat any human being as enemy no matter what they do to us. Others may see us and even treat us as their enemies, but we are not to see them that way.

Ask yourself this questions: why do I do the things that I do, why am I involved with the people that I am involved with? People do things for various reasons, some of the reasons why people do certain things are:

1. So they can be seen to be involved also. (These seek recognition)
2. Some people do things To impress people, or make somebody happy. (These are men pleasers).
3. Some do what they do Because somebody else is doing the thing. (These are followers of people).
4. Some people are purely interested in the material or financial gain that they can get in the thing. (These people work for profit primarily, they are profit centred people).
5. Some people get involved in something because of the honour or prestige that is in the job. (These are position minded people).

Some people do the things they do because they love the Lord and For his love sake, some have left homes and families at his biding to a strange land, lived in tents, in caves and in huts, forsaking the pleasure of life. Some have sold their property, emptied their bank accounts and gave all they had to feed the poor, the widow, and the orphans. Others gave to the Lord to build for him a kingdom on the earth. Some in the face of death, rejected the offer of freedom in exchange for their lives and chose to die, and were beheaded, hanged or burnt alive because of their commitment to him. In their Love for the master they hold nothing back but gave all to make his kingdom great.

If you really love somebody, you find nothing too great to sacrifice for him. If you love God, nothing will be too great to give to him. The Bible says that whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. (See Col. 3: 17, 23 – 25). If you want to do anything for God, and you want him to accept it, then love for him must be your motivation. Do not serve God because you want him to bless you, make your rich, have a husband or wife, make you get promoted at work, fight and kill your enemies and all that. He will definitely bless you when you serve him, but serve him primarily because of your love for him. Also, whatever you want to do for people, do it out of love and not for what you can gain out of it.